Project Pup Volunteering is a wonderful activity for you and your pet.

By sharing your best friend with others, you can bring so much joy into their lives while you and your pet are spending quality time together. It’s a win-win situation!

My human family and I visit hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and anywhere else we are needed to help.

Pet Volunteer Visitation + Happy Seniors = Project Pup, Inc.

In 1987, Project PUP, Inc. began providing pet visits to health-care facilities in Marion County Florida. Our purpose and primary goal is to bring comfort to the ailing, disabled and elderly by taking our gentle, loving pets to visit those who are no longer able to care for or keep their own.

Come along with us for just one visit and you will see how eagerly these residents anticipate the Pet Volunteers visits, recalling fond memories of their own beloved animals and enjoying petting and talking to the Pet Volunteers. The final big BONUS is that “pet therapy” like this, significantly boosts spirits and calms anxieties of everyone involved. In fact we named our group Project PUP (Pets Uplifting People), because our names tells you just what we do.

Project PUP, Inc. is just one of many organizations throughout the country that provides these types of services. Project PUP, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charity with a growing number of volunteer members and their pets. Although, most of the Pet Volunteers are dogs, there have been a few friendly cats and even a rabbit, and any animal that meets our Pet Volunteer criteria is welcome. All human volunteers and the Pet Volunteers are carefully screened before they can become a part of the organization. Check out the “Volunteer” page for more information on how you and your pet can help.

Project PUP, Inc. is also involved with Pets Meals on Wheels (PMOW), bringing pet food to those involved in the Meals on Wheels program.